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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bike, run....relax!

Today I got a reaction back from the VogenVrijeFietser, the newsletter from the Dutch Bike association. They won't publish my story but will put a link on their website. It helps to spread the word!
I also send out 2 more letters to different organizations in the Netherlands.
First the Flair a magazine for (Young) women, 5 years ago I was interviewed by them as part of a report on young women and breast cancer. Let's hope they are interested in my follow-up story.
I also send a letter to the Dutch Breast cancer association to see if they will pay attention to my story in their young women newsletter or regular magazine. Yesterday I wrote my first letter to a local bike store to see if they are interested in helping me out here in Minneapolis.
I'm not a very good writer so every letter I write is a small mountain climbed for me. Thanks everybody for helping me editing all my letters.
The weather was great again today. Riding to work and back on “Big Blue eyes” my new road bike. Than I went for a run right after coming home, a little hill training.
Than it was time to relax, a little laundry and watering the plants, Deb will be proud!
Please keep spreading the word!
Bike strong, Live long!


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