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Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial day

It's good to work a Holiday, no doctors, MRI's and or other things for patients to do, just a little walk with a friendly Physical Therapist. Working this day for me means an other day off to ride this fall.
I also found out that to be invited to the Ride for the Roses the $15,000 has to be in on September 3th 2006.
So please if you are planning on donating don't wait untill the last minute.
It was another hot one today, riding back from work was great, the wind blowing me home with more than 30 km an hour! Nice!
Than I went for a short run, just a little brick training. All for you Vicky, my coach and guide through Texas.
More letter writting, to the Flair, a Dutch magazine that told my story 5 years ago as part of a report on young women with Breast Cancer to see if they want a follow-up; the Dutch bikeriding organisation and a local bike store. Let the fundraising continue!


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