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Thursday, June 08, 2006

11 days in a row

It was a long stretch, 11 days in a row, working that is! But it will be worth it when I’m sitting by the campfire, throwing peanut shells in the flames tomorrow night!
Another sick call today, but luckily for me, a lot of my patients were either gone home, didn’t show up or cancelled their treatment. My colleague did work hard, you go girl.
Than I went to grocery shop at Traders Joe’s to get ready for the BBQ and other food activity this weekend. Salmon, steak, asparagus, chip, nuts etc. all very healthy!
We’ll be picking up a canoe tomorrow morning and than drive up North!
I hope the water is good up there so I can practice my out-door swimming. It’s supposed to get a little cooler this weekend, so we’ll have to bring extra blankets.
I’ll be back on the BLOG Monday.
See you, Sis.


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