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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bike, Work, Bike, Run, pffffffff!

Sunday a day of rest, I guess for some.
I had to work this weekend, but it will give me 2 days of later.
The nice thing about working the weekend is that there's not as much competition for the patients. So most of the times it runs smoothly!
Today was no exception, everybody worked together and we got to leave a little early, which is nice on such a wonderful day!
Riding was racing today, this morning a guy passed me and than had a hard time staying in front of me, constantly looking back over his shoulder as to say, ….she’s still there! He finally turned of the bike-path, I like to think because he was getting to tired!
This afternoon it happened again with an other guy, this one was saved by his cell-phone.
Have I told you I’m quite competitive!
After coming home I went for a run with a little speed training, will it help?
Than Julie called to tell me that she is going to ride with me from Sept 21st until the Sept 23rd how great is that!! We’ll be riding together through the fields!
I’m amazed every day by the kindness of others, people that don’t even know me are helping me with the fundraising! Thank you everybody!


  • At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ha zusje,
    leuk die links, maar die naar de bortskankervereniging doet het niet. Misschien ben je de www vergeten


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