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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Holland wins!

OK, I'm a day late, but that's the wonderful world of TIVO. My friend Kharmen TIVO's the game and I get to watch it when I'm able. This means no watching Dutch news or reading newspapers on the Internet! Luckily I'm working with non-soccer-interested people, so they won't be able to spoil me fun.
Now we're through to the next round!
USA against Italy just started let's see if the US can make a fist today!
The planned swim this morning with TEAM Survivor was cancelled due to heavy rain last night. It's not wise to swim in the lakes because of the run-off water.
So I went out for a long run as ordered by my coach Victoria! I made it 1 hour and 35 minutes, with a quick bathroom stop around minute 50.
1-1 in the game, with Italy playing with 10, only 29 minutes played! I better start paying attention!


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