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Monday, June 19, 2006

No swim, but run

I’m writing this while watching the Hockey Play-offs, North Carolina just scored 3-1 only 1 minute to play. The crowd is going wild and so are the players, beating each other up!
I’m glad that our C2 women’s hockey is no checking.
So I was ready to leave work when I was reminded that I was the late CPM girl. This means that if there are total knee surgeries running late you have to stay or return to work to set up the Continues Passive Motion-machine for that patient. I was planning to go swimming but had to change plans! So I rode back home on my bike to eat and than returned to the hospital by car.
Oh, they won the Stanley-cup, North Carolina that is.
So after returning home I went for a quick run, my legs were feeling good. I hope they will feel like that on July 9th.
The cats are resting by my site, exhausted from at day outside! It’s tough to be a cat!
I’m ready to go take a shower and go to bed, because tomorrow it’s an early day, 7am wound care meeting.
I made a rough draft for my fundraiser activities:
July 14th garage sale at Kharmen’s.
August 5th (extreme) croquet tournament in the Park.
August 26th will I be able to pull it of? Silent Auction.
Plenty to organize, I’ll need to get out and ask for some help.
Any suggestions?


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