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Saturday, July 22, 2006

5 mile swim

Saterday morning and the alarm goes of at 5 am, what is wrong with that picture? Nothing really that is if you have a friend who wants to swim 5 miles across a lake and you volunteered to paddle along in the canoe. To get my miles in I had decided to bring my bike along and ride home afterwards. So my warm-up was a little 5 k ride to Lisa's house at 5.30 am.
After an almost smooth ride out to the Lake, the highway exit we were supposed to take was closed, we were ready to go!
There she is, in between a lot of other women swimmers, it ammazing to see how many people are swimming. First 2 miles in about 50 minutes, way to go. We had to yell to keep Lisa from veering off to the left. A sip of power-aid and a funny remark on the white board kept her going strong. Mile 4 in 1hour and 56 minutes, keep it up! But then she got a little cold and bored, ready to be done. This slowed her down a little , despite our screeming and yelling, are we the only loud paddlers? There is the beach, run Lisa run! She made it, in a great time, 2 hours and about 35 minutes. She's already making plans for next year, I'll need a softer pillow in the canoe, but otherwise I'm game!
Than it was time for me to start working out, back around the lake, down south and back into the cities 46.3 miles when I'm home. Time to eat the left overs from yesterday, mmmmm.
After a shower it's time to try and get rid of the last left overs from the garage sale. Play it Again doesn't want anything except the catchers mask, but the might sponsor my ride, let's see what the accountent says.
Goodwill only wanted the thigh master, so the skies are off to the trash. Let's hope they will pick them up.
Watched the Tour the France, nice ride Floyd! Congratulations.
Now I'm of to bed, because tomorrow at 9 am I've got to be ready for the next training ride.


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