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Monday, December 25, 2006


Here the letter I send to all my fellow CCC-ers!

Hi Everybody,
I would like to join everybody and wish y'all a
wonderfull New Year with lost off cycling, power to
fight the C or climb that hill and good health.
This last year has been a great one for me, being able
to celibrate 5 years Cancer free in a way that I'll
will never forget.
Riding from Minneapolis to Austin TX on my bike, while
being supported by family friends and CCC-ers! It's
great to be a part of a fight for a positive way to
kick Cancer's you know what!
It was a great pleasure to see a lot of you out there
in Austin for the LIVESTRONG Challenge and Ride for
the Roses.

I'm going to ring in 2007 in the Netherlands,
surrounded by my family and eating oliebollen en
appelflappen! My plan is to glue my last Arimidex pill
to a bottle rocket and shoot it into the air. I'll be
free of any treatment starting Januari 1st 2007!

Happy Holidays, Love and Peace!
Annemiek "the Dutch Girl"