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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The Ride is getting closer, and slowely eveything starts to fall into (or out off) place.
Today Kharmen showed me some great silent auction items that she bought and got in California. Cookbook, wine, beer, cycling shirt and T-shirt. Barb from Pumphouse Creamery donated 5 gift certificates for great handmade organic ice cream. Nia and I picked these up after work and ofc ourse had to taste some ice cream, I can vouch it's good!!
When I got home I found a box on the porch with 2 CCC jerseys and 1 cycle short, now it's official I'm part of the CCC Austin Team. Thanks Todd!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


My brother called me today to tell me that I have passed over $15,000 because Tjitske donated a wonderful amount she made from translating a book. Thanks Tjitske for that great donation! I can't believe that i've made it! Let me rephrase that that we made it! Thanks everybody who has made a donation, gave an item for one of the silent auctions, rode with me to get the miles in the legs or just told me how impressed you are with my crazy idea. I'm getting very excited about the rest of this adventure, the ride, the Challenge and now the Ride for the Roses!!
Today I did get to ride with the Velo Bella's, Nancy and I joint them after our hour warm-up. It's a fun group of girls who love to ride and like to have fun while doing it. We picked the right ride because afterwards they had their picknick.
Yesterday Penn Cycle provided me with some great free tubes, a chain, a outer tube and brake pads, to get me ready to ride and make sure I make it all the way to Texas! Thanks Penn Cycle!!
Total this weekend 126.2 miles, with some hill repeats!

Friday, August 25, 2006

So close!

I can't believe it but I'm so close. $14,725.67 to be exact. Anybody out there who would like to help me get over the bump?
Yesterday evening the Breast Cancer Awareness Association was having their fundraiser, Breast Party in Town.
I arrived after 8.30 on a cheap ticket so all the other committee members had had a few drinks and a lot of fun. But the "Remnants" got the party going again after a break and we had a lot of fun dancing!
Make sure to check out www.bcaamn.org for information about the 5th Annual BCAA conference: "Living with Breast Cancer. I've been involved with this great conference the last 2 years, it's a great way to meet other survivors and learn about the latest updates in the Breast Cancer field.
I found a great group of friends in these girls and guys who are all very positive and fun loving. The meetings are a great time, serious as needed but there is always wine and beer involved. I'm sad that I'll be missing this years conference because of this bike ride I'm doing, but invite anybody interested to go.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Invites are out.

Today was a beautiful day, perfect weather. It's getting a little cooler in the mornings but still wonderful to ride.
My days at work are going well, it's good to be back in the rehab part of things. I've been seeing the same patients for a while and they are all motivated and making good progress. I'm having a great time experiencing with the Light-Gait, a pressure weight bearing machine.
Deb sent out the Invites for the Send-off party on September 16th. One more fundraiser to see if I can make it over the magic $15,000!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bella Bill

Saturday was the day for the long ride but it wasn't easy to get motivated to go. I called Floyd but he was getting ready for the inline marathon on Sunday. Luckily Steve was ready to ride and we started in Plymouth at his house, thanks Deb for droping me off. We took off to the North and West and Steve started telling me where we were going but as I told him I would forget fast. So we switched to talking about our favorite books, movie, the seperation of goverment and religion and ice-hockey. He took me to General Mill headquarters to see an amazing sculpture of the contour of a man.
After 35 miles we said our goodbye's, my long ride only started. I decided to go around the Lakes starting at Cedar all the way to Lake Nokomis, am I at 80 miles yet? No, so via Ford Snelling across the Mississippi to hwy 13 up to St Paul. Down Smith Ave to Shepard road following the Mississippi to Minneapolis, am I there yet? No, but almost, so I went up to 8th Ave NE and back down on the West side on the River Parkway. Home sweet home after 83 miles in about 6.5 hours with a short brake to get a diet Coke and cookie at Lake Calhun.
Sunday morning we went to the Renaissance festival Minnesota. Now there is a place for people watching. It's fascinating to see peolpe completely dressed up in costumes of an era never existed in this country.
Back home it was time to take a quick time to relax before going on a ride with the Velo Bella's, a group of women rides who promised a nice Sunday afternoon group ride. I signed the release form and took off to the meeting place: Minnetonka Blvd under 494, be there 15 minutes early! Riding out there took me less time than expected so I got there 25 minutes early. Nobody there as expected, then I saw 2 women riding by (on of them wearing a Velo Bella shirt) but they didn't stop. Was I supposed to jump on my bike and chase them?! I choose to wait and at 5 minutes before 5 a Bella joint me, his name was Bill!! I gues you cann't be picky when it comes to Bellas.
We waited until 10 after 5 and decided to go for a ride which lasted until Bill got 2 flat tires in a row and called it quits and his wife to pick him up.
I rode back home via the Cedar trail and finished 41 miles, less than expected, but it was time for a beer!
We had diner in St Paul and my need for beer was filled with a Blue Moon.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A good day, for a rainy day!

6.00 am the alarm goes off, I’m wondering why it’s still sort off dark outside? Is it because the summer is ending or because it’s cloudy? The answer: a little of the first but much more of the later.
Ready to get up and go for a run so I can get my 30 minutes in before work.
Halfway through the rain starts but it doesn’t hurt my run, it’s nice
After a shower and breakfast it was time to jump on my bike and ride to work. Luckily the rain stopped long enough for me to get there dry.
It’s good to be back in the PT gym, I’ve got a good group of challenging patients who keep me busy and thinking. I’m starting to learn about the Lite-gait a new piece off equipment we just got this year. I like that after 14 years I still learn new skills and surely enjoy my job.
I got finally get to leave early today so that made the day even better. I rode by Hoigaard’s a local out-door store to ask for help with a donation or item for the silent auction. They gave me the name of the responsible person and advised me to write a letter to her.
At home I grabbed my gym bag and drove to the “Y”, I know that sort of doesn’t make sense, but he Blondie needs a little action once in a while!
At the gym I rode the bike a little more than the stair-master and weights.
Back home Deb made diner with shrimp and couscous salad, mmmm lekker!
Than I wrote and send letter to Wells Fargo and Hoigaard’s, let’s keep our fingers crossed.
I hope my coach is happy with my work-out day. Now I just need to increase the distance off my weekend rides!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I’m doing my best to keep you updated but life gets in the way of writing sometimes.
I started the week of well, riding my bike and running on Monday, riding to work and a fast 25 miles ride with Floyd on Tuesday. Than Wednesday my legs just felt really heavy throughout the day, so instead of spinning I called Lou to go see a movie. Talladega Nights, it was way funnier than I expected, good movie.
Than Thursday just as I was about to leave work, after day 4 back in the rehab gym, Brigit asked who wanted to go see the St Paul Saints. Yes, pick me! It was a great night for outdoor baseball. Thanks Brigit, just what I needed.
Friday was a day of rest and time for dinner and yet an other movie with Lou. Strangers with Candy this time, a weird yet funny movie.
On my home I called Kharmen who convinced me to go out for one more beer, or did I convince her? We might be old but always ready to party! (Remark for Kim and Michelle J )
Deb is in Connecticut for Renee and Sean’s wedding and called me to tell me I really should have been there! I need to be careful not to have this ride take over all my attention.
Today I started by sleeping in which was good and needed.
Than a nice ride with Steve, after taking the long way home the speedometer stood on 45 miles.
Now it’s time for laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Over 100 miles in the weekend.

The weekend in Minneapolis was a beautiful one.
Friday evening Kharmen and I went to a small beer tasting in St Paul, it was about Belgian beers and the sampling was good. Both K and I ended up with a bottle and free glass.
Then we went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, oh I love Sushi, I could eat it every day. It also brings back good memories from way back in Fairfield CA, when Peet and I would go to Izumi restaurant after working out and eat Sushi about once a week. The more often we went to the restaurant the cheaper it got. That’s a nice deal.
But back to Friday, it was good to hang out with K and catch up on the last week's since the garage sale.
Since we did a little walk after diner, we had enough room for some ice cream, Izzi”s mmmmm, lekker.
Saturday morning I woke up early since my internal clock has changed lately, getting ready for my ride with Floyds group, at least I thought. When I called Floyd to ask what time we were going to ride, he told me everybody bailed out and the ride was off so I had to go out and ride by myself, and I didn’t feel like going! I called Deb and when we chatted I told her about the amazing results from the silent auction at work, organized by Nia, about 780 dollars getting me close to $14,000!
When I told Deb that I didn’t feel like riding she reminded me that the ride is not just about me. All my friends and family who have supported me are part of this.
They have placed their trust in me by never questioning my idea to go on this ride, by giving me financial support so I’ll be able to fulfill my dream.
So not feeling to go for a ride is just not an option at this point.
(Another reason is of course that V has been on my case to get ready for this ride and I don’t want to arrive in TX to meet her in pain and unable to keep up with her, only so she can say: I told you so!)
I decide to go up north following the Mississippi River; it was a good ride once I was out of the City. It continues to amaze me how much more you see when riding a bike vs. getting around by car. I made it up to the Coon Rapids Dam a recreation area around a dam in the Mississippi. A good place to run to the restroom in the visitors centre.
After I crossed the river I though I took the North Hennepin Trail towards Maple Grove, but that ended up not being the case. After riding for about 15 minutes I was surprised to Avenue number going down as if I was riding South towards the city, instead of going West as I thought I was going. Finally I found a person to ask directions and she pointed me into the right direction. My plan to stop by Josie’s new house was still possible so toward Medicine Lake I went. But yet again no Josie at the house, next time I’ll need to call first. When I get back home I’ve got 59 miles on my odometer.
That ride was for everybody who supported me so far, thanks!
Sunday, I slept in nicely until 9 am. Ready to ride, Nancy needed to clean her house, so I was on my own again.
My plan today was to ride around Lake Minnetonka, West of the Twin Cities. A nice ride mainly on trails up to the Lake and than a couple of not to busy roads. In Wayzata I treated myself to a smoothie and chocolate chip cookie, the lunch of champions!
On my way home I passed by Hillcrest my old workplace, so after that the road was familiar from my old commute. Back home my total was 53 miles, this ride is for Robin one of the CCC (Cyclists Combating Cancer) members who is fighting re-occurring cancer! My thoughts are with you Robin, keep up the strength!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Wow, it’s all ready Thursday, tomorrow my last day in the wound clinic for a while. At least that is the plan, but you never know, once you’re in it not easy to get out! :)
My new printer is still standing on the counter, I’ve got to get it to work this weekend!
Nia is doing a great job with the silent-e-mail-auction at work. Bids are over $600, isn’t that incredible! I’m getting so close to my goal it’s fantastic.
I rode my bike an other 31 miles after work, in combo with my 30 min run this morning and 10 miles to work, not bad after Happy hour yesterday.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Bike shirt

OK, I’ve been slacking, that is if I look at my writing. No new entries her in my BLOG for a couple of days.
What have I been doing you might wonder? Well that’s easy, I’ve been riding my bike as much as possible. Starting Saturday morning, I rode to Floyd’s house to go ride with the group. We were lucky that there was a little cloud cover because it was supposed to be a hot day. Floyd tried to keep the speed within control because of the head and just make sure to ride the miles. When I got back home I totaled about 51 miles.
Sunday, I got up really early to go on a ride with Nancy towards Still Water, following the Gateway trail, a nice tree covered trail with plenty of shade. Slowly going up hill, but we only found that out on the way back. At Hwy 12 we took the bike-path to Still Water, a nice ride over rolling hills with a big drop into the town. Let’s get a waffle, for the second breakfast. Nancy was ready for a veggie-wrap and a cup of coffee. We needed the courage to get back on that hill!
Up we go! Once back on the Gateway, we were pleasantly surprised the go mainly down hill and wind in the back, nice! Back in the city there were a few more hills than we remembered but some ice at the gas station and finally the beer at the patio of Long fellow got us through the ride. The temperature was slowly climbing up towards 98 F.
Hanging up the laundry outside was great because the first item was dry when I was done hanging the last one. J
Monday it was supposed to be over 100 F with a heat index of 110F, so to beat the heat I got up early and ran 30 minutes before work. Since I had to volunteer at the free neighborhood clinic after work and the high temperature I decided to ride my car to work.
The day at work was busy, in contrast with my volunteer hours, because no PT patients showed up. But it was a good time talking with the 2 students and give them the early night off.
Deb was packing up for her last wedding trip home, 3 weddings in one summer, that’s a lot. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to go to any of them because I’ve got to spend all my vacation days on my ride.
Lisa offered to give me a vacation day but after a call to human resources that plan was not to be! It was a nice idea.
Today it was raining when we woke up, and yes I took the car. I know I’ll be getting rained on during my ride to Texas but I really don’t feel like practicing that! Call me spoiled, go ahead. After work I went to the gym because it was still wet out and thunderstorms were in the air! 45 minutes high speed spinning, 30 minutes on the stair-master and 45 minutes weights and abs. I hope it makes up for the missed bike ride.
At home there it was the brand new printer, will I be able to set it up?
Deb had a rocky flight but got there safe.