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Sunday, January 28, 2007

LIVESTRONG Challenge 2007

I just finished my entry form for the 2007 LIVESTRONG Challenge in Portland OR on September 29-30 2007.
I recieved some donation last year after November 1st which means they will count for this year's fundraiser.
As soon as my fundraising website is up I'll start revealing my plans for this year. My lack of vacation days doesn't allow me to ride all the way out to Portland, but I've got plans to make up for that!
It's been cold here in Minnesota and the best is yet to come, if we for once can believe the weather person!
Ice-hockey is a blast even though we don't win quite as often as we would like.
I cross country skied over a lake last Friday early evening by the light of the moon, very cool.
Next weekend is the area meet for the skiers from the Flames, the Special Olympics team I help coach. It's the time to see if all the hard work will pay off. I've got to go out and find my bells.
Today I had to work and because it was so cold outside I decided to stay and run on the treadmill before going home.
As always, busy, busy, busy!

Friday, January 19, 2007

There it goes!

Right before midnight on December 31st I took my last Arimidex pill with a nice glass of Cava!
Than Eva and I stuck the last one on a bottle rocket and right after midnight shot it up in the air.
Now that's a way to start a new year! Happy 2007, I'm full of new plans and I'll still update this BLOG from time to time.