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Sunday, April 30, 2006

it's raining it's pooring!

Sunday just another day at work on the weekend shift!
Not to bad, 3 new evals and a few other treatment. I can't wait untill I get to go home to the Netherlands to see everybody again. Who will be there at the airport to come and welcome me home? Will the rain have stopped over there?
Here it finally did for a little bit right after the workday was over. So NM and I went for a run around lake Harriet. It was so good to be outsite, everything is so green, fresh and clean after all the rain. It was busy around the lake, that's one of the things I love about Minnesotans, they are active, outdoors people. It doesn't make a difference if it's snowing, cold, humid or windy you will always see somebody else outside running, biking or walking.
I remember going to the ice-palace last year and having to stand in line for 30 minutes to get in, freezing my behind off surrounded by Minnesotans willing to do the same.
Now I'm in front of the TV it's Desperate Housewives and Gray's Anatomy tonight. Good thing D is riding her bike on the trainer, maybe that will help. Tomorrow 10 hours in the workday, better go to bed quick!

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Het regend!

Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Broer! Speciaal voor het feest schrijf ik vandaag gewoon in het Nederlands. Specially for my brother's B-day I'm writing in Dutch today!
Het regent hier al de hele dag, maar geen hagel zoals in Nederland. Ik hoop dat het weer beter wordt want volgende week ben ik weer eens in "the homeland". Nog maar 4 dagen werken voor mijn vakantie, ik heb erg veel zin.
Helaas niet al te veel trainen met de regen, want de tijd van zeiknat op het werk aan te komen is voorbij. Zeker in het weekend als je eigenlijk gewoon lekker in bed wil blijven liggen! Blondie rules!
Hoe kwam ik op het idee om vanuit Minneapolis naar Austin te fietsen? Sinds ik het boek "It's not about the bike" van Lance Armstrong heb gelezen, tijdens mijn eigen chemo-curen, heb ik gehoopt ooit de Ride for the Roses te kunnen rijden. Tijdens een rondje hardlopen ongeveer 2 jaar geleden bedacht ik dat het tijd werd! Ik was per slot van rekening niet ziek meer, het was tijd om de "ik voel me zielig dus ik eet"-kiloos kwijt te raken. Eerst de kiloos kwijt geraakt en vorig zomer een korte afstand triathlon gedaan met TEAMSurvivor Twin Cities.
Daarna was het dus tijd voor de Ride for the Roses! Om de viering van mijn 5 jaar extra speciaal te maken wilde ik voor mijzelf de uitdaging vergroten. Dus toen ontstond het idee om naar Austin te fietsen. Het is niet alleen om meer geld bijeen te verzamelen maar ook om mijzelf te testen. Kan ik zo ver fietsen? Lukt het mij om dit hele plan waar te maken?
In de tussen tijd zijn de regels van het mee doen aan de officiele "Ride for the Roses" (R.O.R)verandererd. Je moet nu $15,000 bijeen verzamelen in de LIVESTRONG Challenge om te worden uit genodigd voor de R.O.R..
Dat brengt een hele nieuwe uitdaging met zich mee. Ik moet mijn verlegenheid overwinnen en geld vragen aan familie, vrienden en bedrijven! Ik hoop dat het me lukt.
Thanks Steve for you donation!
Please anybody interested use my donation website http://livestrongchallenge.org/06tx/sisfiets to everybody interested!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Road block

Riding down de Greenway (a rail to trail path, that I ride every day to get to work) yesterday morning I was in for a surprise. They were tearing down one of the bridges crossing overhead. Which meant that the path was blocked. No detour available, so I had to pickup my bike and climb the stairs to the street level. Walk through an apartment buildings yard. The urban challenge of the day, topped off later by a train crossing and me arriving at work just in time!
So today I was pre-paired and guess what they set up a detour for bikes! The only problem was it made my commute about 7 minutes longer! Firstly because of the length of the detour and then because the detour was set up so that it didn’t bring you back to the trail! Nice!
But the weather has been wonderful these last days. Yesterday I took the long way home, which got me a daily total of about 30 miles, not bad with a day of work in between.
Today I added a 30 minutes run to the end of the day, after the normal 20 miles on the bike, commuting to work and back.
Everybody is out in their yards, planting flowers, cutting grass and improving their overall moods.
Now I just need to get back into the pool someday, because my free-style isn’t very free. I always feel like I’m struggling through a pool full of mud, not going anywhere fast. Last year I swam breaststroke all the way. To the discontent of my swim coach, but who wouldn’t if it gets you there faster!
Just a few more days before I fly off to the Netherlands. I can’t wait to see everybody there!
Ride on!
Thank you Neal and Margaret for the donation!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's a beautifull day!

First a few answers on questions from friends and family.
The LIVESTRONG Challenge is on October 8th in Austin TX. I'll be leaving Minneapolis MN on September 18th.
I'll be the only one riding the whole let's say 1400 miles. My parents will be following in "Blondie" the golden Honda. Then several friends will hopefully be able to ride parts of my ride with me. It's nice to be able to count on friends in sad and happy times of your life.
I set my fundraiser amount for $5,000 for right now but secretly hope that I'll be able to raise $15,000 so I'll be invited to "the Ride of the Roses"the origional Lance Armstrong ride.
So I better get going on the fundraising!

My B-day was great, a few friends came over after work. Despite a cold wind and dark clouds the BBQ was going strong and so was Matt helping grilling the burgers. Inside the food was fantastic. Ceasar salad, cucumber sala, potato salade, bacon/cheese and more for on the burgers even fries and a grilled cheese for Dylan. Life is good, ice-cream and a B-day cake with candles (see picture)

As B-day gifts I started receiving donations on my LIVESTRONG donation site. Thanks Sydney and Debbie. The cat on the picture is Zev.

Today Deb and I enjoyed the wonderful weather with a practice run for the Tri in July.
Eating left-overs and shining bikes. Or at least cleaning the chains from sand and grease after last weeks rain.
Tomorrow I'll ride again to work!
The tulips on the table are blooming, now it's time for their outside cousins to join them!
Ride with a smile!

Happy B-day!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

4th place in the tournament

It's the end of the weekend, so soon! This weekend I played with my hockey team in the Stick-it to Breast Cancer tournament and we finished the hockey season with another 4th place finish. It was great to see girls and women of all ages playing the sport they love and raising money and awarness!
It was also great to see everybody again, all put in a fantastic effort. Maybe next year we'll be able to play according to Mark's plan. Don't forget the home-work ladies! Practice shooting the puck.
Getting home I found wonderful orange tulips on the table. An early happy birthday from my love!
Enjoying the weather I went out for a run, but that wasn't as lovely as the weather. I just didn't have a long run in me so instead I played a game: use the stopsigns to stop sprinting or walking., hopefully this will help me get a little faster for my triathalon in July.
Now i'm back on the couch, plaing with the computer. I just figured out how to send an evite! (At least I hope I did!)
Inviting my friends for an silent auction when I'm in the Netherlands in 2 weeks.
Yes, I'm getting excited about going home and seeing everybody again. It's been since August that I set foot in the motherland.
One more night to sleep!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

the word is out!

I spend most of today on the computer, to get my letter to friends and family out. I started by sending the wrong version of my Dutch letter to everybody, but that has been corrected.
I'm also happy to report I got an other donation to my fundraiser site, Thanks Krista.
Then I mopped, vacumed and did laundry, Spring is in the air!
No riding today, but an other hockey game tonight.
For Earth-day I grabbed 3 trashbags and filled them up walking around my neighbourhood. I know it's isn't much, but every little bit helps!
2 more nights to sleep before my B-day!
Ride safe.

Friday, April 21, 2006

friday night hockey

It's the end of the season, but one more tournament. I started playing ice-hockey last summer. Thinking when in Minnesota do as the Minnesotans!
I've had a blast throughout some wins and even more losses. My team the Golden Stars is a great group of very different women, just going out and trying to win the race to the puck! We hear what our coach says but don't seem to be able to remember as soon as we hit the ice. But win or loose, ther's always the question where are we going afterwards?
Well tonight was an other great friday night game, winning 3-1. We're playing in the Stick-it to Breast cancer tournament. It's a 80 teams, different divisions 3 day event, great fun. A wonderfull way to get peolpe involved and informed about Breast cancer. 2 more games to go! Let's hope for the best, our Saterday and Sunday records aren't as good.

Just a quick update on Thursday, I got really wet on my way back home from work. it started out with just a few sprinkles but before I knew it it was pooring down! Raining cats and dogs as a good English-men would say! I stopped under a bridge halfway home. But just standing there I was getting colder and finally decided I should just suck it up and ride!
( I must say, I did skip my master swimming-class)
This weekend the weather should be good, so I'm going riding!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

always wear a helmet

I was reminded today that accidents happen way to easy. Riding home from work, letting the wind push me homewards. I had to cross a 4 lane wide street with 2 way traffic. I slowed down and the 2 cars on my side stopped for me. I crossed when no cars were to close at the other side. But after I crossed and was speeding up again I heard a car braking and a crashing sound. I stopped turned around and saw the bikerider behind me had been hit by a car! He was on the street, people running to help him. I waited a little than drove on, but decided to turn around after 150 meters and see if I could help. I just needed to calm down before facing this.
The bikerider was being held to the ground because he was confused and not responding to any questions. The worst thing was that he didn't wear a helmet and had blood coming out of both ears! The police arrived within 5 minutes followed by the firedepartment and finally the ambulance. The bikerider was strapped on a backboard and placed in a neck collar with great difficultie because he was still fighting everybody.
An other bikerider saw the guy being hit and he told his story to the police. The car stopped and the driver was being questioned by the police.
There is a stopsign for us bikeriders and because it's not a pedestrian crossing cars don't have to stop. But it sure is a place to pay a lot of attention!
We as bikeriders need to take responsibility and take all precautions that we can. But it sure would be nice if cars would start seeing bikes! Together we should be able to make the streets safer for all.
I'm going to send my family and friends reminders to wear a helmet. It's not the cool thing to do in the Netherlands were I'm from, but today was a little to close even for my comfort.
Als-je-blieft draag een helm en kijk goed uit! De autoos hebben zeker niet altijd voorrang maar ze winnen vaak als het auto tegen fiets is.
Thanks for reading my attempt to make sense of this day.

Power out!

Today started beautifully!
Riding my shiny bike, wind in the back, it's all good!
The day at work was a little rough to say the least. So riding back against the wind was a great way to loose all the bad energy.
Back home I was just sitting on the couch watching Ellen (previously taped) and all of a sudden nothing but a black screen! So what's a girl to do? 1) I could take a nap, but than I wouldn't be able to sleep later. Or 2) a could go to the gym and swim, will I ever learn free-style?
And than there is the fact that I've been bugging my co-worker that she needs to show up for swimming. I can't not show up because than tomorrow will be an other tough day at work listening to her!
I'm also training to do my second Danskin Triathlon in July with TEAM-survivor. Last year we had 3 Minneapolis survivors participating but this year we're growing hoping for 5 or 6 women. It's a fantastic way to go out and have fun and exercise on the site. (See the www.danskin.com for more info)
I hope I haven't lost any of you with my random thoughts of the day.
Now the lights are back on and lightning is flashing outside.
Hope I can ride tomorrow.

Happy Easter, thanks to my niece for this wonderfull Easter drawing!
Today was a wonderfull day in Minneapolis, so after spring cleaning it was on to the bike for a wonderful ride.
Down the Missisipi riverbank toward St Paul. Minnesota is so great for bike riding on trails all over the place.
Then back home to do a little grilling, shrimp and mango salsa, very nice.
Today I started planning my first fundraiser party. In the Netherlands when I go there in May. A celibration of 5 year cancer free and complete with silent auction. The race for the ride is on!

Friday, April 14, 2006

commuting again

Finally today I rode my bike to work again. No need for warm jackets or hats. Just bike shorts and a shirt! Life is great as a commuter.
My friend with who I was riding home had a little back wheel problems. So of to the bike store we went. An hour, 2 spokes and a good amount of advice further, we or well she had her backwheel back in shape! You learn something new every day!
I'm planning on getting my roadbike ready for riding this weekend, clean it, tune it and hopefully go for a nice long ride if weather permits. I bought it new last year and it hasn't been out in the rain yet.
Please send me any ride reports you might have! Or just say hi!
(Dutch word of the day Doei = Bye)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

all good

Finally the medical week is over. All good news! Counting down my Zoladex injections only 2 more after today! The end of my hormone therapy will be December 31st this year. Maybe that will be the end of hotflashes and other not so wonderfull side effects.
So how did I get the idea to ride the Livestrong Challenge. When I was in the middle of my treatment bold and misserable I read Lance Armstrong's book "It's not about the bike". The way he approuched his cancer felt very familliar. Don't sit down in a corner and feel sorry for yourself, but go out and fight back!
My activity in week one after chemo was walking around Leiden with my mom every night. Or walking to the grocery-store and getting stuf for dinner so one of my friends visiting that night could cook me dinner. In week 2 and 3 it was better, but limitted compaired to normal.
I heard about the Ride for the Roses at that time and set myself a goal: get better and participate!
So here I am planning my Ride to participate in the Ride, or Livestrong challenge. To be invited to the official Ride for the Roses you have to raise a certain amount of money.
Ran today, did a little hill training. But tomorrow I'll be able to ride to work. 10 miles each way, good warm up for bigger things.
Ride with fun!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


This week is medical week, mammogram and dexascan on Tuesday. Genetic counseler today. No results from the test yet, maybe tomorrow when I see my oncologist. It brings some stress to this week. But it also is starting to be a part of life as a survivor. My instinct tells me all is well so let's count on that!
The bad thing is that I haven't been able to take full advantage of the great weather by bike to work. But there will be planty of days coming up to do so.
I would like to encouradge everybody reading this to leave me a comment. I am looking for help with fundraisers ideas, trip planning and training.
Also please know that I am from the Netherlands and English is not my first language. I'm also dyslexic (who ever came up with a name this complicated for people with a problem spelling beats me!) so please forgive me for mistakes in my English.
Keep on riding!
This week is medical week, mammogram and dexascan on Tuesday. Genetic counseler today. No results from the test yet, maybe tomorrow when I see my oncologist. It brings some stress to this week. But it also is starting to be a part of life as a survivor. My instinct tells me all is well so let's count on that!
The bad thing is that I haven't been able to take full advantage of the great weather by bike to work. But there will be planty of days coming up to do so.
I would like to encouradge everybody reading this to leave me a comment. I am looking for help with fundraisers ideas, trip planning and training.
Also please know that I am from the Netherlands and English is not my first language. I'm also dyslexic (who ever came up with a name this complicated for people with a problem spelling beats me!) so please forgive me for mistakes in my English.
Keep on riding!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring has come to Minneapolis

Today was a wonderfull day! Sun and 70 F. Getting over my 8 mile run this saterday I decided to go rollerblading around the lake.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

there I go.

Hi welcome to my blog.
My plan to ride my bike from Minneapolis MN to Austin TX this fall seems easier then setting up this blog. So please be patient with me.
I'm riding to celibrate 5 years cancer free. I'm raising money for the Lance Armstrong foundation see my fundraiser website
My main worry throughout the cancer treament has been, if I would be able to get children afterwards. I was only 33 when my breastcancer was found!
Now 37 and finishing my treatment with Arimidex (hormoon therapy) on 12/31/06 the answer to the question is still unclear.
My docters don't know, because no real research has been done on this subject. The Lance Armstrong foundation supports Fertile hope (see fertilehope.org) an organization addressing the needs for people living with cancer and issues of fertility.
I'll be talking more about all this in the future.

In Austin I'll participate in the Lance Armstrong challenge ride on October 8th , 100 miles.
My fundraiser goals is 5000 us dollars. Please support me! Thank you